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Тип шрифта: Script, Brush
The Laughing Wolf создатель: Roland Huse Design  author website
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THE LAUGHING WOLF is a brush / iPad script font. Carefully designed, clean vectors in Glyphs App. You can create beautiful hand-made typography with its bouncy, organic flow.

This is the DEMO version of the font, the Laughing Wolf doodle is in the place of the period glyph.

The full font contains all Western and Eastern European langiuage accents and characters, and a few more Wolf doodles.
full version and commercial licensing is available at


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sell these fonts or claim them as your own.

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redistribute these fonts.

Find more of my works on instagram @rolandhusedesign
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имя шрифта: The Laughing Wolf
шрифт автор: Roland Huse Design
Лицензия шрифта: Free for Personal Use Only
Автор Веб-сайт: http://rolandhuse.com/

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