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Freaky Comment Balloons LT - jane aka ladytimeless 3:49 AM 11/29/2005

Contact info: [email protected] http://ladytimeless.org/

the original graphics used to make these dingbat files were drawn by me and scanned but inspired and created especially for F_R_E_A_K

this dingbat file is FREEWARE but NOT to be sold or to be used to
make money with unless prior permission is granted!

please feel free to download it to your server and offer it as a
free download yourself but you MUST include this text document
with it!

NO link back to my site is required but it IS appreciated if you
decide to do so!

Have fun everyone!
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имя шрифта: Freaky Comment Balloons LT
шрифт автор: LadyTimeless
Лицензия шрифта: Free(Commercial Use Allowed)

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