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5FINGST_.TTF47 KBFichier de policeTélécharger
ORDER.TXT2 KBFichier textevoir
Astigmatic One Eye Font Foundry Order Form

Full Name ______________________________________________________
Company ________________________________________________________
Address ________________________________________________________
Address (cont.) ________________________________________________
City _______________ State ___ ZIP _________ Country ___________
E-mail Address _________________________________________________
Please send me ____________ copies of ____________________ font.
Please also send me my 1 Bonus font* ________________________.
*(see Ordering & Deals Info http://www.astigmatic.com/aoeff/order.html)
Font Platform: () Macintosh or () Windows/PC
Font Format: () TrueType and/or () Postscript Type 1
Font Cost: $____________
Shipping and Handling per order
(U.S./Canada $2.00, others $3.00): $____________
TOTAL: $____________

() Check enclosed () Money Order Enclosed () Cash Enclosed*
*(Astigmatic One Eye Foundry takes no responsibility for cash lost in mail)
*(make all checks out to "Brian J. Bonislawsky", thank you.)

Signature: _____________________________________________________

Please send your order to: Brian J. Bonislawsky
Astigmatic One Eye Foundry (A.O.E.F.)
412 NW 187th St.
N. Miami, FL 33169 USA

You will be notified via e-mail when your order is recieved and when it's sent out to you.
For my personal records or in a sense resume, please inform me of any website or publications
usage of Astigmatic Fonts. I am always interested in seeing how and where they are being used.

Thank you.
Brian J. Bonislawsky
[email protected]
Astigmatic One Eye Font Foundry

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nom de la police: 5 Fingered Goth SWTrial
desginer police: Astigmatic One Eye
licence police: Free for Personal Use Only

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